Published on the 17th of May 2020

PDAM conducted an online survey starting from 14th May 2020 for 3 days. The main objective of the survey is to determine the Application Status of Prihatin Package by the government. PDAM specifically focused on the following:

  • Special Relief Fund
  • Program Subsidi Upah

This was done following request by many of our members claiming that they have not received either their PSU or SRF.

The outcome of the survey supports the claims by our members:

  • Special Relief Fund - Only 8.3% of SRF application were approved. 54.5% are still in progress whilst 37.25% were rejected. As the funds have been exhausted as of 15th of April 2020, that means 91.7% of application were not successful
  • Program Subsidi Upah - Majority of Application has been approved and payment received (77%). However there are still about 23% approved application yet have not received payment (Not even 1st payment for April 2020)

As per previous study on the 28th Apr 2020, we found that the business has yet to recover even though we have moved into the PKPB phase:

  • Petrol sale is now around 43% of its normal sale pre-MCO
  • Diesel sale is not aroung 40% of its normal sale pre-MCO

This is the 3rd survey conducted by PDAM related to the Covid-19 pandemic, the MCO and its impact on Petrol Retail business: